Seaway managed a huge dismantling project in the bay of Tuzla.
Two fully aluminium fast ferries, built by Damen Shipyard, had been transported by Dockwise submersible to Istanbul. Both of the ferries lashed by the huge steel craddles and secured to the submersible's dock by huge aluminium turnbuckles from the bottom.

Seaway boarded to the submersible and started working with a team of 85 workers consist of engineers, welders, cutters, grinders and labor workers. 24 sets of steel craddles and wooden support beams and 48 sets of huge aluminium turnbuckles dismantled in 18 hours. Steel craddles were 400 tons in total and wooden support beams were 60 tons in total. As the ferries were already loaded with fuel, no hot work done during the dismantling. 4 azimut thrusters which were seperately transported in special containers, installed to the ferries. Furniture and carpenter works, interior and outdoor paintings and insulations done. Load test carried out and project completed succesfully.

designed by tasarya